IGI (Italian Grid Initiative) @ SC11


Seattle, WA 14-17 November


Booth n. 757


SC11 just ended and once again the Italian exhibitors at the event were very few. One of them was IGI, the Italian Grid Initiative, proud to be present along with the most important worldwide key actors in the computing panorama, representing the National excellence in the upmost advanced technologies.
With no special effects, no huge spots, no appealing gadgets, was able, anyhow, to focus on concrete results and achievements and present interesting tools and services for distribute computing. These were appreciated by “real” IT experts attending the event not just to collect the most original “gives away” to bring back home to children, but to learn more about the latest available technologies for computing and to see how these can practically ease their work and research.
Most visitors of the booth n. 757 were surprised by the large variety of different developments and by their vast application to the various sciences. Talking with our researchers and technical experts, visitors realized that Italy has its peculiar role in the field of grid and cloud services, and furthermore, runs one of the 11 Tier1 located around the world. IGI booth did actually surprise for its contents, for the sobriety of the style (no vendors screaming with microphones, no fortune wheels to draw, no prizes to win), and for the specific scientific and technological answers that was able to give to people really and seriously interested to know more about cutting edge technology.
This was the aim of IGI presence at SC11. Let a wider audience know that IGI is one of the biggest grid infrastructures in Europe able to interoperate securely with the worldwide ones. IGI has shown to be ready to serve more and more scientific environments and just as many new users. As it stated IGI slogan, the Italian Grid is ready for e-research and for e-society, as well.
Meanwhile the research goes on and, most probably, more there will be to show in the next edition. Keep updated and don’t miss a visit to our booth next year in Salt Lake City.




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IGI never misses its appointment with the largest Computing Event in the world. The Italian Grid Initiative (IGI) operates, runs and manages the Italian national Grid Infrastructure, one of the biggest in Europe and a prominent part of the EU e-infrastructure for Research (EGI).
The IGI booth 757 at Super Computing, will showcase the latest developments and achievements of its research and operational activities.
IGI serves major research communities such as High Energy Physics (HEP), Computational Chemistry, Structural Biology (WeNMR), Astrophysics and more, and offers innovative and integrated Grid and Cloud Services to all its stakeholders to facilitate and improve their work.
All services are designed to be reliable, secure and interoperable and provide the most requested features to its large variety of communities, which require specific solutions for specific needs. IGI addresses these requirements with a set of services that satisfy a constantly increasing number of users.
Thanks to its vast experience and know-how IGI is an important component of the biggest European Project running one of the largest e-infrastructure (EGI) in the world. IGI actively contributes at the development of efficient and interoperable solutions for a unified middleware release through the participation to the European Middleware Initiative (EMI).
An integral part of the IGI infrastructure is the INFN-run Italian TIER1 facility, supporting tens of international collaborations and handling transfer, processing and storage needs for the huge amount of experimental data produced by LHC, the biggest HEP accelerator in the world.  
Operations, Monitoring, Access Portals will be described in various posters at the IGI booth. Some important use cases will be presented, together with an example of a practical application of the various services to different fields of research.
What about the emerging and popular technologies like Cloud Computing?
Very many different actors are involved in Cloud projects, but few solutions have been deployed so far in the e-Infrastructures world.
IGI provides a solution integrating Grid and Cloud technologies that is already being used by a variety of user communities on the IGI e-Infrastructure. This solution has been recognized as very interesting by a major enterprise and it will be presented with a live demo at our booth.
Come and see us at the IGI booth, where you will find posters and brochures and also have the opportunity to attend interesting demos showing our solutions and how they can make your job easier.
Furthermore, in the booth IGI will host a specific accomplishment by one of its partners (INFN-Roma1) together with a major enterprise (NVidia): the APEnet+, a 3-D Torus Network optimized for GPU-based HPC System. (See abstract)
Is this all? Of course not. There is much more!
If you are an IT professional and want to know about the latest cutting edge technologies, you can’t miss a visit to our booth.
We wait for you at booth 757 to tell you all about.
… And don’t forget to attend our presentations: an appealing gadget is waiting for you!

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