CNR (Italy's National Research Council) is a public research organization; its duty is to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country. To this end, the activities of CNR are divided into macro areas of interdisciplinary scientific and technological research, concerning several sectors: biotechnology, medicine, materials, environment and land, information and communications (ICT), advanced systems of production, judicial and socio-economic sciences, classical studies and arts.

In the ICT area, the “Grid & High Performance Computing” project has the goal to perform research activities on Grid computing and high performance parallel and distributed systems. Moreover, the inter-area “Bioinformatics” project is also carrying out research activities that make use of Grid technologies.

As mentioned before, the research teams involved in the “Grid & High Performance Computing” project are investigating and developing methods and solutions based on parallel and distributed technologies, which through the adoption of the Grid computing model provide high performance pervasive and systems and services supporting cooperation and sharing of heterogeneous and dynamic computing resources. The project includes 7 joint activities that involve research teams in CNR institutes such as ISTI, ICAR, IMATI, ISTC, and IEIIT and have as main objective the design of software models, tools and systems in the areas of distributed computing, parallel systems, Grid computing, software intensive processes, concurrent systems models, and fault tolerance. Through those research teams, CNR has been and is deeply involved in European projects in the area of Grid computing such as NextGRID, Grid@Asia, EGEE, CoreGRID, XtreemOS, BioinfoGRID e GridComp.

CNR will contribute to the JRU IGI with software and hardware Grid resources and with the scientific and research contribution of its personnel engaged in research activities on Grid technologies and distributed computing systems in national and European projects.

In terms of Grid infrastructure, CNR will make available the use of the Grid built by the "Grid and HPC" project which currently includes 220 CPUs and is deployed over the national territory in the sites of Genoa, Pisa, Naples and Rende. In addition, CNR can provide Grid resources available in the “Bioinformatics” project, particularly located in Milan. These Grid structures have as main objective offering support to research and development activities and can also partially be made available for the computing needs of research groups involved in the JRU IGI.

Finally, CNR will help with the expertise of researchers with multi-annual scientific activities in the Grid area carried out at national and international level leading to the development of systems and innovative applications of Grid computing. Some skills in configuration, deployment and management of Grid systems currently available at the research groups of CNR will be made available for the activities of JRU IGI.