GARR - Gestione Ampliamento Rete Ricerca - is the Italian Academic and Research Network. The GARR Consortium was established by the national Academic and Research Community and its founding members are the Italian Universities and the main governmental research organizations: CNR (the Italian National Research Council), ENEA (Italian National Agency for New technologies, Energy and Environment) and INFN (Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics). The aim of Consortium GARR is to plan, manage, and operate the Italian National Research and Education Network, implementing the most advanced technical solutions and services. It provides data communication services to the Italian Academic and Research Community through the GARR backbone, interconnecting over 400 universities, laboratories, libraries, observatories and other research facilities. Schools and high level educational institutions are starting to be connected to the GARR backbone. Consortium GARR performs with own personnel the operational and advanced services for its community. Today the GARR network is a widespread infrastructure reaching research and education institutions in the whole Italian territory. The GARR backbone is organized in 40 PoPs, meshed by a core of 10 Gbps lambdas guaranteeing high reliability. Technologies such as IPv6, QoS, multicast and VPN are available to all users and GARR supplies new and advanced services to fully support innovative applications such as Grids, tele-medicine, eLearnig, Multimedia, High Energy Physics, Radio Astronomy, Earth Observation and Supercomputing. GARR is connected at more than 10Gbps to GEANT2, reaching the worldwide research and education network and is actively supporting in various project the connectivity from Europe to the Mediterranean, Latin American Countries and Far East Asia.

In the EGEE-2 Project GARR is involved in joint research activities e service activities relating with networking and advanced network services. In EGEE-2 GARR collaborates in defining the ENOC service (EGEE NOC), the operative grid centre for network technical matters, supporting the formalization and normalization of the operational interface (trouble tickets format, procedure to exchange information), to foster a standardization format for the ticket exchanges.

The mission of the GARR Consortium is to implement, manage and enhance the advanced network for Education, Academia and Scientific Research, in connection with the other European and global networks.

The main institutional tasks of the GARR Consortium towards its Community are:

  • to implement and to manage the networking interconnection service and the interconnection service to the other european and worldwide Research networks and to Internet in general;
  • to supply operational and application networking services;
  • to support the coordination and collaboration among the Research activities (national and international level) via telematic services, including the research and development in telematics itself;
  • to support the dissemination, the information update and the exchange of knowledge in telematics, also organising Workshops and Courses.

GARR contributes to the IGI JRU by providing network services to connect GRID infrastructures to the network and by implementing advanced network services. Particular relevance will be given to network monitoring, to foster performance enhancements of grid applications in terms of data transfer on the network, as well as to end-to-end bandwidth reservation (IP, MPLS or on physical circuit). GARR already plays a similar role in the framework of its participation in European and International GRID Projects such as EGEE, EGEE-2, EUmedGRID, EUchinaGRID and EUindiaGRID.