The organizational structure proposed for IGI is composed of the following elements:

1. Coordination Committee

This is the main governing body of IGI and has both a technical and political role. It includes

  • A Restricted Coordination Committee (political role): representatives of the member institutions of IGI, with the right to vote.
  • An Extended Coordination Committee (Technical role): composed by the Restricted Coordination Committee and technical experts.

2. Coordination Officer

Chairs the coordination committee
Coordinates the activities of the IGI Units
Represents IGI at the EGI Council

3. Five units with technical responsibilities

Operations Management Unit - Infrastructure and operation services
Software Release Unit - Middleware release and certification
Administration and Public Relations Unit - General administration, Dissemination and Outreach
Research & Development Unit - Planning, research and development
User Community Services Unit - Application Support, Training, Direct User Support

4. Administrative Officer

This is the organizational structure of IGI

IGI Org Chart