VOs and Disciplines

IGI supports both national and global Virtual Organizations. A Virtual Organization (VO) is managed by one or more VO managers, who are responsible of managing VO membership and updating VO Identity Cards.

VO Management tools

  • The VO module of EGI Operations Portal is the main tool to obtain information and to manage VOs supported by the various Grids that compose EGI including the Italian one. 


  • Some of the IGI supported VOs have a regional scope (supported only in Italy) while others are Global scope VOs that can be supported worldwide. The Operation Portal VO module allows to browse both kinds of VO.
  • To became a member of a IGI supported VO please follow this link.

IGI/EGI Scientific disciplines

The main scientific disciplines supported by IGI and EGI are Computer Science and Mathematics, Multidisciplinary VOs, Astronomy Astrophysics and Astro-particle Physics, Life Sciences, Computational Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Fusion, High-Energy Physics