INFN Grid release, repositories

INFN-GRID releases are built on top of the EGEE gLite middleware release. The EGEE project brings together experts from over 27 countries with the common aim of building on recent advances in Grid technology and developing a service Grid infrastructure which is available to scientists 24 hours-a-day.
The INFN-GRID release is fully compatible with gLite and extends the gLite release by providing additional middleware components.
A parallel effort is performed by SPACI Consortium for porting of the gLite release to the IA64 platform.

in addition, the INFN-GRID release provides customized configurations for the handling of regional VOs and other features. Configuration parameters are defined once (e.g. VO servers, poolaccounts, VOMS certificates, ...) to reduce misconfiguration risks.

Additional middleware components that are available from the INFN-GRID release are: the StoRM SRM implementation for handling of disk and tape storage, DGAS (DataGrid Accounting System), Secure Storage System, GFAL Java APIs, GrelC, etc.


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