HLRmon is a Grid accounting visualization tool and is the official IGI accounting portal. It is based on DGAS (Distibuted Grid Accounting Service).



The main source of data for HLRmon is the Home Location Register (HLR), the DGAS data repository. Accounting information is retrieved from the HLR on a daily basis, aggregated and stored into a local MySQL database. By querying the local database, data are handled to produce tabular reports and a number of charts highly customizable by the users and organized in different web pages. Moreover, HLRmon can provide a table showing information about computing resource usage aggregated by Grid user and retrieved from the HLR database on-demand.

Access to the portal is possible to all users with a valid personal x.509 certificate released by a Grid accredited CA. For privacy reasons the access to the section with detailed information aggregated by Grid user is restricted to people registered to the portal with the appropriate Grid roles.



The current available version is the 2.2.0 (released on 2011-11-10). Please, follow the installation guide and feel free to contact the HLRmon team at hlrmon<at>lists.cnaf.infn.it to have support during the installation.

The new version is visible in production on the IGI HLRmon server.


Running instances

HLRmon has been adopted as accounting portal for some national production Grids and projects. Here are listed the instances main URLs:


Storage accounting

HLRmon is evolving to include Storage accounting reports. A storage accounting prototype, based on DGAS is under development. For details see this IGI wiki page.



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For any question, problem, bug report, please contact hlrmon<at>lists.cnaf.infn.it


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