Grid Middleware

In addition to  operating the fully functional INFN Production Grid running a customized version of the gLite grid middleware (INFN Grid Release), our teams are currently developing several new Grid services and tools, accessible within this section (see links below).

The gLite distribution is an integrated set of components designed to enable resource sharing. In other words, this is middleware for building a grid.

The gLite middleware was developed during the EGEE (I, II, III) projects and the latest EMI, finished in April 2013. In addition to code developed within these projects, the gLite distribution pulls together contributions from many other projects, including LCG and VDT. The distribution model is to construct different services ('node-types') from these components and then ensure easy installation and configuration on the chosen platforms (currently Scientific Linux, v. 5 & 6).

gLite middleware is currently deployed on hundreds of sites as part of the europeean e-infrastructure, EGI, as part of the EGI-Inspire project and enables global science in a number of disciplines, notably serving the WLCG project.

INFN-GRID releases are built on top of EGEE's gLite. The EGEE project brings together experts from over 27 countries with the common aim of building on recent advances in Grid technology and developing a service Grid infrastructure which is available to scientists 24 hours-a-day.

The middleware currently adopted by INFN-GRID is based on gLite. The INFN Grid release is 100% compatible with each corresponding gLite release (it is basically a superset).

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Grid services and software components developed by IGI