The CREAM (Computing Resource Execution And Management) Service is a simple, lightweight service that implements all the operations at the Computing Element (CE) level. Its well-defined WebService-based interface and its implementation as an extension of the Java-Axis servlet (running inside the Apache Tomcat container) provide interoperability with clients written in any programming language and running on any computer platform. 

The main functionality of CREAM is job management. CREAM accepts job submission requests (which are described with the same JDL language used to describe the jobs submitted to the Workload Management System) and executes them on a underlying local resource management system. CREAM supports the execution of single batch jobs and of parallel applications. Bulk submission (the submission of multiple jobs with a single  interaction with the service) is also supported. Besides job submissions, all the other usual job management requests (e.g. job cancellation, job monitoring, etc) are implemented. CREAM can be used directly by end user through the web service interface or the provided command line client, or by other higher level services: the gLite Workload Management System (WMS) and Condor are examples of such high level job submission services already integrated with CREAM.