StoRM (STOrage Resource Manager) is a light, scalable, flexible, high-performance and file system independent storage manager service (SRM) implementing the standard SRM interface version 2.2 (

StoRM provides data management capabilities in a Grid environment to share, access and transfer data among heterogeneous and geographically distributed data centers. In particular, StoRM works on top of any POSIX filesystems with ACL (Access Control List) support, like XFS, EXT3 and EXT4, but it also brings in Grid the advantages of high performance storage systems based on cluster file system, such as GPFS from IBM or Lustre from Sun Microsystem. It supports standard access and transfer protocolsl ike HTTP(S), WebDAV and GridFTP, but its peculiar characteristic which distinguishes it from other implementations of SRM is that it is designed to support the direct access (native POSIX I/O calls) to the managed storage. This allows applications to perform standard POSIX operations leveraging the cluster file system capabilities and resulting in better performance than using an I/O service. StoRM is currently adopted in the context of WLCG computational Grid framework, and it is deployed in about 50 data centers.



  • StoRM on the EMI project web site