On June 5th, 1992, an inter-university computing Consortium was established, with the following title: “Consorzio interuniversitario per le Applicazioni di Supercalcolo Per Università e Ricerca – CASPUR” (Inter-University Consortium for the Application of Super-Computing for Universities and Research). The Consortium is based in Rome, at via dei Tizii 6b.

The Consortium, a non-profit organization, is financed by MIUR (Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e Ricerca – the Ministry for Education, Universities and Research) and by associated Universities. Its purposes are:

  • to manage a center capable of guarantee a high quality and high-powered processing service. Priority is given to associated universities and MIUR, but the center is open to the whole national scientific community, with particular emphasis on Southern and Central Italian research institutes;
  • to promote the use of the most advanced information processing systems, to support public and private scientific and technological research;
  • to become a center of excellence available to the national university and research network and to MIUR, with the aim of spreading the culture of information and communication technology, along with promoting their applications;
  • developing research programs aiming at a more effective and innovative usage of information and communication technology, in collaboration with other organizations and enterprises;
  • carrying out projects for other bodies, where their activity is necessary and useful to the Consortium’s goals.