Operation Services

IGI Grid core services

This page provides information on the core Grid services that are currently part of the Italian e-Infrastructure. The core services are those that are typically shared by multiple VOs and which interact with the resources made available at the Grid site level.

Core services are:

  • WMS/LB, responsible for the acceptance of submitted jobs and for sending those jobs to the appropriate resources;
  • Information System (IS) or BDII, which provides information about grid resources and their status;
  • Virtual Organization Management system (VOMS), a database for the authentication and authorization of the users;
  • Home Location Register (HLR), a database for the accounting information of the usage of resources;
  • LCG file Catalog (LFC) - file catalog;
  • File Transfer Service (FTS), a Grid core service for efficient and reliable data transfer management.

The so-called "General Purposes" services are shared by many VOs, such as the INFNGRID core services, which have an "Italian regional" scope, or the EGI common services, which are available for all the EGI infrastructure; but there are also services dedicated to a single VO or to a project.


IGI Grid Infrastructure

IGI is the Italina NGI (National Grid Initiative) and is part of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI)

Certified production sites are those Grid resource centers which provide production-quality services (compute, storage and core services) meeting high-availability standards and users requirements.