Accounting Portals

Accounting information about CPU resource usage for both Grid and "local" jobs is recorded in the Grid and it is made available - in an aggregated and summarized form - to individual users, VO managers, site managers and the IGI national operations centre.


HLRmon is the national accounting portal, can be consulted for accounting information concerning resource utilization in IGI (a valid personal certificate installed in the browser is required).

hlrmon for t1 and t2 sites

HLRmon also provides a customized view for LHC T1 and T2 sites (consultation restricted to authorized users). Additional accounting information for the INFN T1 site is collected by the RedEye tool (plots and historical accounting plots).

 EGEE Accounting portal

The EGI accounting portal complements this information, by providing aggregated accounting information about other European and international Grids.

The IGI accounting infrastructure is based on DGAS (Distributed Grid Accounting System). DGAS be used both to account classic computational usage records  and as an economic accounting system. The latter functionality can be  exploited to  implement an economic brokering of Grid resources (selection of execution sites and services based on economic principles in order to improve the balancing of the workload).