Join a Virtual Organization

Users need to be authenticated and authorized in order to get access to grid resources. To this end, users need to be members of one or more Virtual Organisations (VOs) through subscription to the relevant VOs. A VO is a user group where members are usually in similar or related research activities, or are part of the same collaboration, for which reason they typically need of the same application software on the grid and have similar middleware requirements.
VOs can have national or global scope, and are described by an Idenfication card. The list of VOs enabled in the pan-European grid infrastructure, the respective discipline cluster, and the list of VOs that are currently enabled in IGI can be consulted on the EGI Central Operation portal. Find here more information on the scientific disciplines supported by IGI and the European Grid EGI.

Become a VO member

To be VO member a registration request needs to be submitted and then approved by the respective VO manager. Please select the VO of interest in the table below and click on the respective cell to start the registration process. 

VO Name Home page  VOMS Server  Register
alice   LHC Alice experiment  Click here! ams02 experiment Click here!
atlas   LHC Atlas experiment  Click here! 
argo   INFN ARGO-YBJ experiment  Click here! 
babar   Babar experiment  Click here! 
bio Biology group  Click here! 
biomed  BIOMED Click here! 
cms   LHC CMS experiment  Click here! 
cdf   CDF experiment  Click here! 
compassit  Click here! 
compchem  Computational Chemistry VO  Click here! Comput-ER Click here!
dteam  LCG Deployment VO Click here! 
enea   ENEA  Click here!  ENMR.EU  Click here! 
esr  ESR Home  Click here! 
euasia EUAsiaGrid Click here! GERDA Click here!  GLAST.ORG  Click here! 
gridit   General purpose/Catch all VO  Click here! ICARUS Experiment Click here! Click here!
inaf   INAF  Click here! 
infngrid   INFN-GRID deployment VO  Click here! 
lhcb   LHC LHCb experiment  Click here! 
libi  LIBI  Click here
magic  MAGIC and grid  Click here!  Click here! 
pamela  PAMELA Experiment  Click here! 
planck  Planck Experiment  Click here!  SuperB  Click here! 
theophys   INFN theorical physics group  Click here!   INFN-TPS experiment  Click here! 
virgo   INFN Virgo experiment  Click here!   INGV VO Click here!
zeus   ZEUS experiment  Click here!